9 Days to the Mexico Qualifier!

9 Days to the Mexico Qualifier!


August 24th, 2013


The Mexico Qualifier is heating up! 6 among the best salons in Mexico and Panama are coming for a showdown of powerful creations in hair, makeup & wardrobe! Produced by Televisa Publishing & Digital, it will be held at The Foro Masaryk in Mexico City, 7PM on Sept 2.

The question is, who among them will make it to Vegas? Who will come to Battle with the very best in the US & Puerto Rico?

Stay tuned.

Romero 74
Salon: Romero 74
City State: Mexico D.F.
Team Leader: Javier Romero

L’Occoco Team
Salon: Alejandro Loccoco Professional
City/State: Guadalajara, Jalisco
Team Leader: Alejandro

Gloria Torres Team
Salon: Gloria Torres
City/State: Mexico D.F.
Team Leader: Gloria Torres

Your Style Team
Salon: Your Style Salon
City/State: Distrito Federal
Leader Name: John Saldivar Herrera

Garibay Team
Salon: Garibay Salon
City/State: Hermosillo, Sonora
Leader Name: Malu Garibay Martinez

Charlie’s Place Team
Salon: Charlie’s Place
City/State: Panama, Republic Of Panama
Team Leader: Charlie Cuevas